How to Play Keno

Anyone who can identify numbers can learn how to play keno, making it one of the easiest gambling games. Based on an ancient Chinese lottery game, keno today can be played in casinos, in bars, and even online at casinos. Armed with just a few simple rules, players can easily join in the fun of this incredibly popular and occasionally lucrative game.

The Basic Rules

Most people learn how to play keno on a keno video machine at a local bar or in a casino. On the machine is a chart of 80 numbers. Players touch the screen to select up to twenty different numbers on the grid. As each number is selected, a payout table will reflect the odds of each of those numbers being selected and the subsequent payout of matching those numbers. After all of the player's numbers are selected, the player pushes a button to put those numbers into play. In a few moments the machine will then select its own twenty numbers. For every number that matches the player's numbers, the player wins and receives a designated payout and can claim that amount from the bartender or the casino.

Playing Keno Online

Those who play keno online have it even easier. While players in bars or brick and mortar casinos have to reselect their numbers each round, online players are able to automate their number selection from round to round. They can play their lucky numbers again and again, waiting only for the game to play each round. There are even free versions of the game where players are not required to bet before making their selections. Players who play keno online can then try different combinations of numbers and figure out when the payout table reflects the level of risk and involvement they want to buy into.

Keno is one of the simplest games, which may be the key to it being so popular. With so many opportunities to play, there's no reason everyone shouldn't try it at least once.